Mini Update

graduates throwing up their caps

What the difference a day makes… I was able to meet with both of my clients. I was finally able to get some of the content I needed for their websites. I am very happy now. At least I can move forward on their websites a little. I was at a complete standstill. Tomorrow is […]

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Progress Being Made

uplifting quote

I have filled out the form for my incomplete. I have 30 days for my clients’ websites to be completed. I am making good progress. I have just started to make changes to one of my main clients’ websites that had some recent updates. I am going to try to finish the website in the […]

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Internship Update

update typed on a typewriter

So, for my first client, I have to do a website update for her website because of organizational changes. I have to wait on the updated information. For my other three clients, I’m still waiting on content and images. I am going to have to get an Incomplete for my grade. I have never had […]

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Finishing My Internship Projects

the word breathe in lights

I am close to finishing all my internship projects. I was hoping to be finished already but I am waiting on things from all of my clients. Right now, I am waiting on something from all of my clients. I was close to meeting my project deadline; but I did not take into account if […]

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Building My WordPress Skills

wordpress dashboard

I am using WordPress to develop three of my clients’ websites. Even though I have used it in the past, I am learning things that I previously did not know. I do not use Elementor to build the site, I use the classic WordPress editor. I have learned how to duplicate pages, work with different […]

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